How it works

1. Get your card
Ask for your free stamp card and special name-tag holder for your cat’s carrier.

2. Collect stamps
For every $100 you spend on an invoice, you earn 1 stamp.

  • For example, an invoice of $320 would earn 3 stamps, $785 would earn 7 stamps, etc.

You can even earn special bonus stamps for things like referring your friends and coming in for your cat’s recommended exams on time. More on that below.

3. Earn rewards!
Once you’ve collected 16 stamps, you’ll earn a $100 credit that can be used at a future visit!

How to earn bonus stamps

Become a new client
• When you become a new client, you get 1 extra stamp at your first paid invoice.

Refer your friends
• When you refer someone to our practice, both of you earn 2 extra stamps after their first paid visit.

  • For the new client, this actually stacks with the 1 extra stamp they already get for becoming a new client – meaning they will get 3 extra stamps at their first paid invoice.

• To be considered a valid referral, the new client must include their referral’s name in the “How’d you hear about us?” section of the new client paperwork.
• Stamps are only awarded after the new client has their first paid invoice.

Bring your cat in for their recommended exams
• You earn 1 bonus stamp each year you bring your cat in for their recommended office exam within 12 months of their previous exam (or 6 months for seniors and kittens).

  • For example, if you brought your adult cat in for their last exam in August of 2018, and then brought them in for their next exam by August 2019, you would earn 1 bonus stamp.
  • Similarly, if you brought your senior cat in for an exam in January of 2018, and then brought them in for their recommended exam by June of that year, you would earn 1 bonus stamp.

• Check with the front desk team to make sure we have your correct email address on file, and that you’re opted in to getting reminders so you don’t miss these opportunities.

Keep an eye out for special offers
• At our sole discretion, we may occasionally offer ways to earn additional bonus stamps.

  • As an example, we may offer a limited-time promotion where you get extra stamps if you bring your cat in for a dental procedure during Dental Health Month.

• Make sure to follow us on Facebook, and keep an eye out for our email newsletters to hear about these special offers!


We love our existing clients, so until 3/11/2020, you can claim reward stamps for any invoices you’ve paid since 8/4/2019! You will receive one stamp for each $100 spent per invoice (up to a maximum of 16 stamps). To collect these stamps, you have two options:

1. If you have an upcoming appointment, you can ask for your stamps when you arrive. Then we’ll review your records and have your new card ready when you checkout.

2. Or you can send our office an email to or text us at 859-277-8048 requesting we review your recent invoices. Then, someone on our team will look at your records, tally up your stamps, and let you know when your stamp card is ready to be picked up.

Only valid for invoices paid in full on or after 8/4/2019. Cards must be picked up by the time our office closes on 3/31/2020.

Terms & Conditions


It is the client’s responsibility to request stamps be added to their card. In order to earn stamps for a visit, the invoice must be paid in full at the time of service / pickup. Stamps are only awarded for purchases made directly at our office, not for online orders.

Stamps are awarded at the client level – not the cat level. Meaning, if you have multiple cats that you bring in at the same time, you earn stamps for your entire invoice – not individually for each cat. However, if you have multiple cat carriers, you are welcome to have one card for each carrier since they make great nametags.

Stamps may not be transferred to any other client. If stamps are awarded for the purchase of something that is later returned, those stamps will no longer be valid.

Reward Credits

Reward Credits do not expire. Reward Credits are subject to verification, and consequently may not be redeemed the same day they are earned. Meaning, if you earn your 16th stamp today, the $100 credit is not valid until tomorrow.

In order to claim a Reward Credit, the stamp card must be turned in. However, we will give you a fresh new card at that time.

Reward Credits have no cash value. Meaning, a $100 Reward Credit may not be exchanged for cash. It may only be applied towards the cost of a future visit.


Although we do not anticipate needing to do so, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify the Rewards Program at any time, and/or to exclude any individual from participating in it.

Employees are not eligible to earn stamps or Reward Credits, however anyone they refer is still eligible to earn bonus stamps after their first paid visit.