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COVID-19 Update

Until further notice, we will provide the following:
• Curbside service for wellness and sick cat visits
• Allow 2 family members in masks to accompany a patient for euthanasia
• Drive thru service for purchases
• Drop off visits (recommended on hot days)
• Telemedicine for prescription consultations and minor medical issues

Please call the office the day before your visit so we can collect the patient’s history and review estimates for treatment, if needed.

Once here, call the office and we will come to your vehicle to take your cat in its carrier into the hospital for the visit.

We hope that we can “get back to normal” soon but until we can meet the guidelines for Healthy at Work, Lexington Hospital for Cats will continue to socially distance to protect our patients, their guardians, our delivery people, our mail carriers, and ourselves so we can be here for you and your cat when you need us.

Our Philosophy

Relieve the anxiety...

Our goal is to make each visit as pleasant as possible…with knowledgeable handling, compassionate care, and personalized attention to you and your cat.

We know that each cat brought to this practice is special. He or she is someone’s best friend.

We are committed to helping you help your cat live a long, healthy, happy, and pain-free life.

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