Our new location will be 2025 Regency Road Suite 110 next to Sharp’s Candy about 1 block from our current location.

The hospital will be closed for non-emergency appointments starting on September 27, but we will be available by phone, text, and email, and you will be able to pick up prescriptions and food orders at our current location through September 30th.

We thank everyone in advance for their patience as the renovation proceeds, and we see appointments. We will be able to provide full service during this process.

We will be providing kitty valet service at the new location. There will be a designated parking spot at the front door for prescription/food pick up and cat drop offs.  When you arrive, you will call our office at 859-277-8048, tell us your name and your kitty’s name, and we will bring your products to you. If you are leaving your cat for the day, we will take history over the phone and then come to your car to admit your kitty.

We have learned during the pandemic that cats and their humans prefer to wait in their cars, and so, we ask that you wait in the car until an exam room is ready. Simply call the office when you arrive, and we will come to the car and carry your kitty into the office once the exam room is ready.